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What's Happening
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About Spotlight
Step Into The Spotlight... At Spotlight, we represent a new twist on the Performing Arts Educational experience. Established in 2008, in Wellington, Florida, Spotlight is proud to offer a diverse program of classes for tots, kids, teens, and adults through the venues of dance and drama. At Spotlight, we feel that everyone deserves their time to shine. We support all students, from our beginners to those joining us that are interested in pursuing a career in the arts. Respect and exceptional instruction are provided to all those that walk through our doors. The goal of our studio is to create opportunities through the arts. Opportunities for learning and growing, opportunities for socializing and making memories, opportunities for performing and building self confidence, opportunities to be exposed to a multitude of talented instructors and performers, opportunities to experience various cultural events, and opportunities to become involved in the dance or acting industry. The opportunities that will come about are many. Our studio is open to you to create the opportunities that you long for! There is a recognizable difference of instruction at Spotlight…We encourage you to join us and feel the Spotlight difference. Create. Inspire. Perform. Step into the Spotlight!